Q&A: How do I defrag and clean my HP laptop?


I feel my HP hard drive is a bit slow, how do I defragment and clean it? I also need to clean out some privacy files (“cookies”) as well.


You’re right that disk defragmentation would help speed up your HP, at least helps some depending on how fragmented your HP hard drive is. Usually an old HP hard drive is more prone to suffer fragmentation issues. Cleaning the disk can boost its performance.

How to Defrag HP?

Warning: this guide is for HP computers with hard disk drives (HDDs) ONLY. If you’ve already upgraded to a solid-state drive (SSD), stop doing it! Because SSDs don’t need disk defragmentation.

Option 1: via internal Windows tool

For Windows 8/10:

    1. Move your mouse cursor to the taskbar at the bottom left corner, type “defrag” in the search box.
    2. Click the “Defragment and Optimize Drivers” option.
    3. Now select and view current status by clicking “Analyze” check how fragmented your HP hard drive is.
    4. Hit “Optimize” to start defragmenting. Wait a while before it’s complete.

For Windows 7: watch this video.

Option 2: using a more powerful defrag tool

IObit Smart Defrag is the one worth trying. Besides normal disk defragmentation, the software also includes a utility called “Boot Time Defrag” — which helps maximize the performance and durability of your HP disks.

How to Clean HP?

Option 1: Run Disk Cleanup tool

Windows OS has a build-in tool called — Disk Cleanup. Basically it’s designed to free up disk space by removing files that may not be useful to you (such as temporary files, Internet browsing junks, etc) and they are not obvious to detect.

How to do? If your HP is installed with Windows 10 and 8, check this Microsoft guide; For Windows 7, see here.

Option 2: Try an advanced system cleaner

PC Health Advisor works amazingly well. It is capable of cleaning out cover 50 types of hidden junks files (some of which Disk Cleanup can’t). Install it on your HP and run a thorough scan, then fix all found issues.


A fragmented hard drive or littered Windows system will sure make your HP laptop sluggish. Disk defragmentation and deep cleaning are two of the best ways to fix such issues. I hope you find this answer helpful. If your HP continues to perform poorly, check some other reasons and fixes.

Anyway, enjoy a fast and clean laptop!

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