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System Requirements
  • Operation System: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP.
  • Hard Drive: 20 MB free hard disk space at least.
  • Operating privileges: logged on as administrator.
  • Others: 512 MB Memory (RAM) or above, 800 MHz Processor speed.
  • Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and above.


"The tools included with this HP speed up program are specifically designed to improve the performance of your HP or other Windows PCs. The speed of my HP Pavilion g6 has been noticeably increased, the fact that it did all of these tasks without taking away any functionality. It is pretty amazing thus it deserves for such a high rating."

"The HP speed up tool absolutely destroyed any clutters, registry errors etc it could find. Now I relieved from my freezing HP laptop quite a bit. Thanks for providing such a great tool for we HP users."

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HP Laptop Computer Freezes?

My hp laptop keeps freezing every a few minutes, what’s the matter?
HP computer freezes at startup, any way to make it fast?
HP Pavilion g62 is freezing for quite a while, what should I do?

HP laptop freezes are incredibly annoying when it happens now and then. It doesn’t matter if your HP computer (like Pavilion g62) is old or brand new. Generally, there are quite a lot of reasons that may cause a HP freezing and be unresponsive.

Possible Causes for HP Computer Freezes

HP Freezes – Quick & Ultimate Fix Solution

Like what has been listed above, there are too many possible reasons that can cause your HP computer freezes or keeps freezing here or there. For each cause, there is respective solution to fix. For example, if your HP has suffer certain virus, let anti-virus scan it; If you don’t have enough disk space, you can clean those unnecessary junk files. However, the fact is it is always easy to see the result, but hard to figure out the causes because they are “invisible” there. Also, checking & fixing the issue one by one can be so boring and not efficient. As a result, why not let a software to get things done, find the problems and resolve HP freezes in a few minutes?

HP speed up

Fix HP Freezes in Minutes!

1 click to diagnose & fix all issues found on your freezing HP.
Remove virus or malware that might hide on your computer.
Tackle the issues that most commonly slow down your computer.
Get rid of junk files, temporary items and other unneeded clutter and free more disk space.
Stop unwanted processes hogging resources and let you decide what launches when your PC boots up.
More useful utilities to make your HP fast, healthy.

Step 1: Click the “Download Now” button to download the software on your HP laptop or desktop computer that freezes. Follow the instructions to install it. Open the program and let it have an overall scanning process to diagnose your HP PC issues.

Step 2: View the diagnostic report when it finishes the scan. Click “Fix all” option to resolve all issues. Then restart your HP computer and see if it no longer freezes or keeps freezing. Done!

Note: the pc speed up program fully supports HP desktop & laptop computer such as Pavilion, Mini, ENVY, ProBook, Folio etc working under Windows XP, Vista, 7.